Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Problems Occuring

Last week, our metals came in so we started to measure and cut. As we were cutting, we realized that our measurements were wrong and we stopped cutting. We doubled checked our dimensions and will start to cut again this week. The metals that were cut are still usable for other parts of the track but it is also a good thing we bought extra.  The 3D printing of our brackets have been put on a halt since my 3D printer hotend died on me. I am currently waiting on replacement parts so I can install and get back to printing.  With this in mind, the brackets will still be finished by March 1st.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First Workshop of the Semester

The previous week we were able to get on the same page with all of twelfth scale.  We figured out our important days since paseo is coming up.  During the break, my 3D printer went down so I am currently trying to fix the hot end so we can get our parts printed and ready for build.  I also took apart a section of the track to see what we can reuse.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Last Workshop of the Semester

I have implemented the bogie design onto the track so that we can see the clearances throughout.  Looks like the bogie should have no problem running smoothly but this is assuming the track is perfect.  Once we start to add our modifications to the track, we can see what needs to be further modified. A picture is shown below showing how the bogie sits on the track.  Also done in the previous week was the final paper rough draft along with the last presentation of the semester.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Final Stretch of the Semester

For the previous week, I have been working the power point for the next presentation. Will also start to work on the rough draft for the Final Paper.  I have been doing some research no 3D printed parts and seeing what print settings will give me the best outcome.  The chart below shows that I should set my print settings to 70% infill and have a 0.2 mm layer height to account for optimal strength, quality, cost, and speed.  Since quality will not be an issue, printing at an infill of 70% and a layer height of 0.3 mm will also suffice. Research was found from this article: ""

Friday, November 25, 2016

Vander-Bend Manufacturing

For this week, a couple groups got the opportunity to go to Vander-Bend.  They took us out on a tour on the manufacturing floor and we were able to see how some of their products were being made. We also got to ask Vander-Bend some questions that regarded how the track would be manufactured.  For this week, we are going to continue to work on getting things outsourced in time for us to be able to start the building process.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

3D Printed Parts

We finally got a quote for our custom brackets from Kearny Foundry and found that it is pretty pricey for our needs.  So we went with the option of 3D printing our bracket.  The bracket takes quite a bit of time to print out but it is much cheaper.  I have printed the bracket with an infill of 60% and it feels pretty sturdy.  Some tests need to be done to see if we can use 3D printed parts as an alternative to metal.  I have also printed out parts for Mechanical Bogie Improvement team for their wheel holder plate.  Pictures are shown below of the prints. The wheel holder plate was printed at 100% infill and came out really nice.  The bracket on the other hand, due to how it was printed there will need to be some sanding to clean up the part.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Finalizing Track Design

For the previous week, parts were getting finalized and drawings are being made to send out for quotes by Kearney Foundry and Vanderbend.  Once quotes come in, my team can make decisions on what we can do to make the proper improvements to the track.  Also have been keepin in contact with Kevin from track manufacturing team in order for his team to have the right dimensions needed for the track.